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Constructed in 1876, Temple of Israel is the oldest synagogue in North Carolina. The congregation still uses the building for religious services but its main offices and religious school are located at 922 Market Street. The congregation has followed the Reform tradition since its inception. The structure itself, which was designed in the Greek Revival and Moorish styles, features several interesting architectural elements such as horseshoe arches and two towers capped by small domes. The congregation today is vibrant and diverse.

  • Temple of Israel was built in 1876 and is the oldest in the state.
  • View inside the temple.
Jews first appeared in Wilmington in 1732 and were of Sephardic origin (this refers to the Iberian Peninsula, which consists of Portugal and Spain). The population didn't increase substantially the 1840s and 1840s when Germans began to immigrate to American in larger numbers. The congregation formed in 1872 and at the time had 40 families.
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