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Leiman House was constructed for the family of Henry Leiman (1857-1931) in 1916 by the architect M. Leo Elliott. The home is one of the few designed in the Prairie School style of architecture in Tampa, Florida. It was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on September 9, 1974.

  • Constructed in 1916, this historic home was built for cigar box manufacturer Henry Leiman.
  • The Leiman House of Tampa, Florida.
  • The above photos courtesy of Wayne W. Wood.

Cigar box manufacturer Henry Leiman arrived in Tampa in 1894 and managed a branch of the William Wick Company. Leiman bought the Cigar Box Company of Tampa in 1902. At the time, the Cigar Box Company Leiman bought was the largest in the world. In 1906, he created the Tampa Box Company and produced cigar boxes for the town's growing cigar industry. Cigars were produced in the millions and shipped to vendors all over the world.

The Leiman House is two stories made of a wooden frame covered in stucco. The front patio is enclosed by raised walls for privacy.  It was restored by architects Jan Able and Ken Garcia in 1984. As s result, Able and Garcia won the Florida Trust's Award for Outstanding Preservation Project.

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