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Building was home to Moon-Elliott Lumbar Company, the successor to Luthy and Co., a lumber dealer that came to Parkville in 1857. The company’s offices were in the building proper while a lumber yard was housed in the rear of the building. Wooden facade and porch were added to original brick front, which remains intact.

The building was constructed between 1880 and 1890. It was the home of the Moon-Elliott Lumber Company. It was the successor to Luthy & Co., which was founded by Captain Franklin Luthy, a lumber dealer who came to Parkville in 1857. He served in the Civil War at Fort Leavenworth and returned to his lumber business after the war. Much of what we know about the Moon-Elliott Lumber Company comes from the advertisements placed in The Platte County Gazette, including that the name changed in 1920 to Elliott Lumber and Hardware Company, and in March 1951 became the Layman Lumber Company. The company's offices were in the front of the building and the lumber yard was set up out back. 

Period in the newspaper advertisements indicated a full-line of funeral supplies, lumber, kits for building houses, paints, hardware, tools, stoves, mowers, rakes, horse blankets, and lap ropes to name a few. The lumber yard and store were operated until the 1970s when the buildings were purchased and remodeled by Elmer "Sugar" Bell for "The Doll Shop"; an antique doll museum, repair, catalog and sales operation. 
Marlowe Sherwood Parkville History Committee - 1994