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Mount Zion Temple is home to the first Jewish congregation in Minnesota, which was founded as the Mount Zion Hebrew Association in 1856. Originally a traditional congregation, it relatively quickly became a Reform synagogue. Mount Zion is a vibrant, diverse and open community. It offers a religious school, youth and adult programming, and other programs and events for members. Social justice is an important component of Mount Zion's mission. The congregation won a social justice award in 2015 for its activities in this area.

  • The present Mount Zion Temple was built in 1956 and is home to the first Jewish congregation in Minnesota.
The congregation consisted of eight families when it was founded. Before building its first temple in 1871, the congregation met in various rented locations. That year was also significant as the rabbi who led the congregation, Leopold Winter, became the first rabbi in the state. The current building was constructed in 1956 and renovated in 1996.
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