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Sherwood House was built in 1890 as a home for boys, and was later renovated into a dormitory for female students at Park College.

  • A photo of the front view of the Sherwood House.
  • A photo taken of the front of Sherwood House.
  • A photo of the Sherwood House fire in 1907.
Sherwood House was named after Rev. EB Sherwood, a pioneer Presbyterian minister and a founder of the college. The house served as a female dormitory for students at Park University. Dr. McAfee started the project for Sherwood in August of 1890. The building was intended to be a female dormitory as it started as a home for boys. In 1891, alterations were made to the building and it was turned into a dormitory. The total cost for the construction of Sherwood was at $3,150. The dorm even held a parlor with a piano and large selection of literature, and was used to host social events. The money for the house was made up of gifts from many friends of the college and a large donation from the daughter of "Mrs. Sherwood" who was not related to Dr. Sherwood, but had an interest because of their shared name. On April 24, 1907, a fire started on the roof of Sherwood and was unable to be controlled causing the building to burn down. Twenty-four women lost their rooms and nearly everything they owned from the fire. Sherwood House was never rebuilt after the fire in 1907.

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