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Linoma Beach recreation area was established in 1924. This popular area offered travelers swimming, fishing, boating, restaurant dining dancing and overnight camping. Halfway between Omaha and Lincoln on the old LIncoln HIghway, Linoma welcomed early travelers, and even had its own railway stop. In 1933 an 80-foot Lighthouse, housing a full service filling station was added. Very little has changed on this property. These facilities are open to travelers today.

Linoma Beach/Lighthouse is located on the north bank of the Platte River in Sarpy County. From its inception in 1924 this has been a popular recreational destination.  Located between Lincoln and Omaha on the original Detroit-Lincoln, Denver, Highway, (present day NE -Highway 6).  The lighthouse, constructed in 1939, is a unique example of roadside architecture that was popular in the first half of the twentieth century. Aside from being a tourist attraction, the lighthouse also functioned as a filling station. Although the fuel pumps are no longer there, the light house retains a high degree in integrity and is an excellent example of an increasingly rare type of roadside architecture.
     The area was so popular that a train stop, from the Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy railroad, was negotiated. Visitors from Lincoln, Omaha, and Ashland could ride the train to Linoma. The trains ran on the weekends.
        Althought the train no longer stops, seasonal rental spaces and overnight camping is available, as are swimming, fishing and boating. The lighthouse acts as a landmark, guiding travelers to a quiet spot, along the Platte River; a perfect place  for a camper have a meal or  to spend the night.
Files: Sarpy County Museum
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