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The Buffalo Presbyterian Church built in 1857, stands in the Buffalo Town Square Historical District located in the middle of the town of Buffalo, West Virginia. The church relatively unaltered over the years, has seen an immensely amount of history in its time. From the two front doors, one for men and one for women, and boxed pews dating back to the time of gender separation in church. To the enclosed slave gallery in the balcony for slaves to view the services. Walking through the doors takes a step back in time to the struggles of daily life, social interactions, slavery and the civil war history that remains imprinted in the walls of this Greek Revival structure.

  • Buffalo Presbyterian Church being built in 1857.
  • Buffalo Presbyterian Church
The Buffalo Presbyterian church sits to the North of the Academy in the Historical Square. The one and a half story Greek revival structure was built in 1857 by local citizens. The building is registered in the Nation Register of Historic Places along with the other three historic buildings in the town square. The building contains renominates of history from the Civil War when it was used as a barracks for both the Confederate and Union troops. The red brick masonry with tall 20 pane windows send light over the segregated church seating. The two white church doors on the front, bring back the time when church was segregated. Men set on one side, women in the other and slaves in the back above the rest of the congregation. An original 1880 organ sets up front waiting for service to once return to these halls.

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