Shiprock is a giant rock that many native people held sacred. It has the resemblance of a rock with wings. This rock held religious hopes for many native Americans.

  • Shiprock

This giant rock is very sacred to the Navajo people's and they often spoke about the rock in their legends and myths.  One story recounts the Navajo people appeared on a new place on top of the rock but when lightning struck, the ground around the rock sunk and it left a woman and her children on the rock to starve. This legend led to the Navajo forbidding people to go on the rock with fear that the spirits of the children and woman may still haunt the rock.

Another legend says that the rock is a bow that the Goods of Value Mountain. This is a mythological figure that has a body that is composed of many mountainous areas in the surrounding lands. 

The Navajo had some crazy beliefs about the rock but if you're in the area you should stop to see this giant rock formation. It is beautiful and an awesome place go camp out unless you are scared of the ghost of the woman and her children.