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In The Reese Templeton Adams Hall, located adjacent to the main building of the hotel, The Cumberland Inn Museum hosts a variety of attractive displays. Among them you will find the University of the Cumberlands archives, several stamp, coin, and arrowhead collections, along with other interesting collections.

Cumberland Inn Museum

Cumberland Inn Museum
Cumberland Inn Museum is a museum in Williamsburg, Kentucky operated by University of the Cumberlands. Besides the Henkelmann Life Science Collection, it contains archives, several stamp, coin, arrowhead, and nutcracker collections.

The Henkelmann Life Science Collection has "hundreds of specimens ranging from the petite short-tailed Shrew to the gigantic Polar Bear, procured by Henry and Mary Henkelmann on expeditions from Africa to the Arctic. The animals are displayed in surroundings created to match their natural habitats. A visit to this great exhibit fosters an appreciation of the beauty of life."

The Robert O. Williams museum now contains over 7,000 crosses and crucifixes. The collection started when as a chaplain in the Air Force Williams he became aware of the special symbolism the cross had for Christians and of the variety of forms that had been used to portray this symbol.

The museum's collections were featured on Kentucky Educational Television.
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