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This historical marker and is dedicated to John C. Fremont who was known as the “Pathmarker” owing to his role as an explorer. Fremont was also a politician and military officer. The marker commemorates his 1843-1844 expedition-- the second major expedition Fremont led with the goal of finding a southern route through the Rocky Mountains.

  • John C. Fremont's Trail of his second expedition
  • John C. Fremont
  • John C. Fremont campsite
  • John C. Fremont and his team exploring the rivers
Fremont was charged with updating maps and finding the sources of several rivers along with navigable routes that would support the commercial settlement of the American West. Fremont began by studying the earlier work of other expeditions. In the summer of 1843, Fremont left St. Louis and journeyed towards Fort Vancouver with a hundred mules and 25 men including Thomas Fitzpatrick, Charles Preuss, and Kit Carson.

Fremont kept a detailed journal with descriptions of the vegetation, animals, the soil, potential routes, and potential locations of future settlements. Fremont discovered that the Salt Lake had no river outlets to the ocean, and also found that the Great Basin at the Cascade ranges was enclosed. His expedition endured bitter snowstorms, had to eat their horses to survive, but eventually made it to Fort Sutter without losing a single man. 

Fremont’s second expedition produced a map that helped future settlers travel to Oregon and California. Fremont was promoted to Captain after his second expedition and his report advanced knowledge of science and Native cultures. In 1977, this plaque was dedicated in honor of his second expedition. John C. Fremont in the future lead three more expeditions. He also served as a military officer and ran for President. 

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