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This is the oldest church in the state, built in 1856. The church was struck by a tornado in 1908, resulting in the loss of its steeple and has since been repaired. The church is used for special events today.

     This church building is located in the northeast quarter of Block 174 of the original plat of Bellevue. It was constructed circa 1856-58.It is believed to be the oldest building erected in Nebraska to house religious services. The Presbyterian congregation was founded in 1850 and is probably the oldest church congregation established in the state.
     The church served the congregation until 1959, when a bigger church was needed. In 1961 the church building was sold to Mrs. Harold LeMar, a local preservationist , who was dedicated to making sure Bellevue's historical buildings were preserved. Mrs. LeMar has since passed on and the City of Bellevue now owns the building.
   The church building has been completely renovated, including the replacement of the steeple, which was torn off in the 1908 tornado. With the restoration, the building was returned to its original design, which combined Greek Revival styling with some early Italianate elements. The building is now one of Nebraska's few surviving buildings exhibiting Greek Revival influence.
Files: Sarpy County Museum
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