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Once the site of a private residence and an eighty-foot radio tower, this location is currently home to Sensenbrenner Hall, home of Marquette University's History Department and the College of Arts and Sciences. The building was completed in 1924 and served as served as the university's Law School from 1924 to 2010. Similar to other campus buildings, Sensenbrenner Hall has been renovated several times and served a number of purposes throughout its history. The building was named in honor of Frank President J. Sensenbrenner in 1927. Sensenbrenner was a member of the university's Board of Governors, a donor to the university, and the former CEO of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

  • The North and Eastern facades of Sensenbrenner Hall, circa 1935.
  • An aerial shot of Sensenbrenner Hall which features the newly-built Legal Research Center on the southern side of the building, 1968.
  • Another aerial shot of Sensenbrenner Hall showing the ongoing renovation to the Legal Research Center, circa 1982.
  • Another view of the 1982-83 addition to the Legal Research Center at Sensenbrenner Hall, 1984.
  • Frank J. Sensenbrenner (1864-1952).
  • The Mackie Home, circa 1912
Currently home to Marquette University's History Department and the College of Arts and Sciences, Sensenbrenner Hall has stood since 1924. However before construction of the current building, the plot of land was once home to a private residence known as the Mackie Home. In 1910 the university purchased the Mackie Home and converted it into a Law School. It served in this capacity until 1923 when the building was razed and construction for the current building began shortly afterwards. The site immediately behind the Mackie Home was briefly home to an eighty-foot radio tower for the university-owned WHAD from 1922 to 1924.

Throughout the building's 93 year history, it has undergone significant renovations at various times. Construction for the first major addition to Sensenbrenner Hall began in 1967 and concluded in 1968. The addition added a Curvilinear Legal Research Center to the southern facade of the building. In 1971 the building underwent interior renovation which concluded in 1972. Yet another round of renovations began in 1982 when new additions were added to the Legal Research Center. In 2010 the Law School moved into the newly built Eckstein Hall, and Sensenbrenner Hall underwent its most recent round of renovations, as the building was converted into the home of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Originally known simply as the Law School, Sensenbrenner Hall was dedicated to Frank J. Sensenbrenner in 1955. Among his many accomplishments, Sensenbrenner served as the second President and CEO of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation and is credited with inventing the Kotex brand of care products. In 1927 Marquette University President Reverend Albert Fox named Sensenbrenner a member of the university's Board of Governors. Throughout his distinguished life Sensenbrenner was also a major benefactor of the university. Sensenbrenner also holds numerous honorary degrees from multiple universities including one from Marquette University’s Law School.

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