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Our Lady of the Gulf parish is the third oldest one on the Gulf Coast and 5th oldest in Mississippi. The historical marker is located along South Beach Boulevard in front of the church building. The church operates two adjacent schools, one for boys (St. Stanislaus) and the other (St. Joseph's Academy) for girls. The church present today is the second one built on the property. The church has a beautiful interior, featuring a high altar built with Italian carrerra marble and stained glass windows made in Munich, Germany.

  • The historical marker is located next to the sidewalk in front of the church. The parish is the third oldest on the Gulf Coast.
  • Construction for this version of Our Lady of the Gulf Church began in 1908.
  • View inside the church.
The deed for the property was acquired in 1847 and the original church and other structures were built in the ensuing years. Tragically, a fire destroyed the church, rectory, and convent (housing the nuns who taught in girls' school; the Brothers of the Sacred Heart taught in the boys' school) in 1907. Luckily no one was hurt and the buildings, including the current church, began to be rebuilt the following year. 
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