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The Nelson Museum of the West is dedicated to preserving Western history. It was founded in the 1970s by Robert L. Nelson but did not open this museum until 1998. It features 14,000 items in its collection and 4,000 books in its library. The collection is comprised of cowboy, charro (Mexican), Native American, and U.S. Cavalry artifacts. Western art is also part of the collection. Exhibits cover topics such as the U.S. Cavalry, firearms, Plains Indian art, and Mexican cowboy culture. A subdivision of the museum is The Military Memorial Museum, which grew out of the cavalry collection. It features numerous uniforms from all the branches of the military, including generals and women. There are also a number of awards and medals on display, including some awarded to American servicemen in other countries.

  • The Nelson Museum of the West (and The Military Memorial Museum)
  • Some of the Native American art and clothing on display
  • Various Western art and furniture on display
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