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Within in the Jewish Community Center is the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society, which is dedicated to preserving the history of the state's Jewish community. To this end, it collects and preserves photographs, documents, memorabilia and personal items belonging to Jewish families, and maintains a museum—the Henry and Dorothy Riekes Museum—that features exhibits chronicling local and state Jewish history. Opened in 1995, the museum is the first permanent Jewish museum founded in Nebraska. Exhibits include the historic representation of the B’nai Jacob – Adas Yeshuron synagogue (to which some Holocaust survivors belonged), and they explore topics such as Omaha synagogue history, rabbis, 50th wedding anniversaries, and Jewish youth.

  • The Jewish Community Center houses the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society and the museum.
The historical society approached Henry and Dorothy Riekes to ask them if they were willing to provide the funds to establish a museum. They of course happily obliged. It was first located in the Dan and Esther Gordman Center before moving to the Jewish Community Center in 2012. 
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