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Former drug store owner Stephen Kostitch established the Deep Rock Water Company shortly after digging a well at this location in 1896. The company has grown over the past century, but continues to sell water from this well owing to its unique flavor that Kostitch and others attribute to the Arapahaoe Sandstone located deep underneath the surface.

When the city of Denver explained to apothecary owner Stephen Kostitch that his business was too far from the city center to be eligible for water service in 1896, he began drilling a well that eventually reached a depth of nearly 900 feet. At that level, Kostitch could draw water from the Arapahoe Sandstone. He and his customers noticed that the sandstone gave his well water a uniquely "fresh" taste. When more and more of his customers and neighbors expressed a preference for his water, he decided to close his drugstore and enter the business of bottling and selling water. 
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