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This hotel is wonderful for the old fashioned visitors that enjoy the 20th century feel not only in looks but in the air! Built in 1927 it is Spanish-styled and low risen to keep the 1920s history alive as a quaint and quiet town although it is presumably haunted. Because of this they only allow adults into the hotel but it is encouraged to take photographs for past residents have gotten some amazing pictures of energies and orbs within the hotel. Being located right off of I-4 it is an easy attraction to anyone around including that want to visit close areas with Orlando being 40 miles away and Daytona only being 20 miles away. Not only can you stay at this hotel but they have seminars, classes and workshops that you can attend to expand your knowledge on things such as astrology, tarot, and Native American Medicine Wheel as a short list. Although learning is interesting, some prefer to just ask questions and for those individuals they have gifted mediums that were trained for many years to help you in whatever way you may want including the past was, what your present is, and what your future can hold. Although the hotel itself is haunted, the hotel is located in the center of a spiritualist community that was established in 1894 which means you can step outside the hotel and roam to the same mysteries that lie within. The group is identified as the "Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association". The Cassadaga hotel has also been registered in the National Register of History Places since the year of 1991. Now the spirit that haunts the Cassadaga went by the name of Arthur while he was alive. He resided in room 22 on the second floor and stayed in the 1930s. He loved the outdoors so would commonly place a chair at the end of the hallway and sit by the window to look outside. It was not uncommon for him to smell of cigars and his favorite alcohol, gin. Sometime during the 1930s it is told that he died within the structure but not told how. Often people feel a presence when they stand near the window or smell the aroma of cigars and or alcohol. Some have even claimed they have felt someone tapping them on the shoulder even with nobody behind them. Multiple guests though have photographed orbs and other out linings that are to be believed Arthur throughout their stay. Some may claim that because they do not fully understand spiritualism that it may be the devils work and to stay away unless you want to be damned but others are very much intrigued by the very same aspects others fear. Regardless this town has a multitude of history and this little hotel captures it all quite well within its walls.

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Cassadaga is a small town located in Volusia County and is known for its spiritual background and founding.  In 1875 a medium by the name of George Colby of New York traveled to Florida to discover land from what he claimed was being held for him by a congress of spirits (A Brief History, 2015).  It wasn’t until 1894 that his vision became a reality with the founding of the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association was granted with thirty – five arches.  In times since, it has expanded to fifty – seven.  With the expansion of the town, in 1991 Cassadaga was also ranked on the National Register of Historic Places (The Cassadaga Hotel, 2008). 

            This self-governing land is currently known to be the home of over 50 mediums and psychics, not including the others it had been home to for more than 120 years (A Brief History, 2015) and along with the growing population came the need for the Cassadaga Hotel.  The current building that stands today was built in 1928, but a building stood in its place since the 1800’s (The Cassadaga Hotel, 2008).  The hotel is modest in its outside appearance and houses 40 rooms, keeping its welcoming mysterious ambiance of its earlier years.  The hotel acts as a meeting place for the groups and welcomed visitors who wished to explore the area and the local interests.  The Cassadaga hotel has become the central hub for this small town, for which is only over a mile in diameter and contains all the history to go along with it.  During 1926 the hotel had been destroyed in a fire but was rebuilt to its former glory only a few years later.  With its extensive history and mysterious environment have come equally mysterious stories.  Not only is most of this town believed to be the center of spiritual activity but the hotel itself is known to be the most haunted on site, the owners advise that no children stay at the hotel for their safety, adding to the allure and mystery of the hotel.  The location of this town itself has been described as a vortex to other dimensions to which the hotel is the center of. 

Many of the mediums, psychics as well as certified Reverends work within the Cassadaga Hotel and the Spiritualist Camp for the convenience of visitors staying there.  Even though the surrounding area of Cassadaga is referred to as a Spiritualist “camp”, there is no such camp site in the town and is more of a term used to describe the gathering of the members in the community (About our Hotel, 2016).  What makes this town so special for Florida history is that since its founding, it has been virtually untouched by mainstream corporations.  Driving off of the busy I-4 interstate into a quiet town like Cassadaga is like going back in time and discovering what old Florida would have looked like.  It keeps its small town charm regardless of the advancements of technology and the outside world.  The founding of this unique piece of property was discovered in a very unconventional way, making it appropriate for its unconventional reputation.  

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