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The Walking Mountains Science Center is dedicated to educating people of all ages about natural science and the importance of environmental stewardship. The center operates two other locations: the Vail Nature Center and the Nature Discovery Center. The Vail Nature Center is a secluded, former homestead that offers natural history exhibits about the Gore Valley as well as various programs including hiking, birdwatching and stargazing. The Discovery Center, which is housed in a yurt and accessible by ski lift, also features natural history exhibits and tours.

  • Walking Mountains Science Center
  • The Nature Discovery Center
  • Vail Nature Center
The Walking Mountains Science Center was founded in 1998 as the Gore Range Natural Science School and is currently located on land donated in 2007. Its establishment was spearheaded by Kim Langmaid, who recognized the great need for natural science education in the region. Many children in the area come from low-income immigrant families so the center and its satellite locations fill an important education void.
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