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The Maasdam Barns, located in Jefferson County, were built in 1910 and were used to raise and house draft horses. ("Stallion Barn," "Mare Barn," and "Show Barn") The Masdaam Barns were the first of their kind to use heavy construction for the interior and used several unique, modern tools designed by local companies. This farm, like many, played an important part in early Iowa agriculture around the turn of the century. The Barns are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum highlights the historical, agriculture landmarks and the contributions of local manufacturers, most notably the achievements of the Louden and Turney companies, the largest local manufacturers during that time. The barns are truly a significant illustration of an industrial revolution. The museum owners have reserved and preserved much of the antique farming equipment and items of the Maasdam family; the original seat from the Turney wagon is displayed here, as well as an original "Charter Oak" Turney farm wagon, Louden stanchions, etc.

  • From the Jefferson County site, "Introduction to the Maasdam Barns"
(In Iowa, it's estimated that only 60,000 barns remain today in a state that once numbered more than 200,000. Iowa loses 1,000 more barns every year.)