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This was a place that Charleston, SC traders thought to be 96 miles from the Cherokee town of Keowee in the Blue Ridge Foothills, hence the reason it acquired it's name. The site of the first land battle of the Revolutionary War fought south of New England was here at Ninety Six, South Carolina. It is also home to many other historical attributes regarding the economic and social growth of South Carolina from the Loyalist years to the present. Established as a National Historic Landmark in 1973 and then established as a National Historic Site in 1976 in order to preserve the original site of Ninety Six, SC.

  • Sign marking the entrance to Ninety Six National Site.
  • One of the battle forts that visitors can expect to see on their visit.

      First established in 1761, the village of Ninety Six became a home to many settlers after the power of the Cherokee was broken. By the time of the Revolutionary War, forts and cabins had been built to protect the land. The first land battle of the Revolutionary War fought south of New England took place here in 1775. With Ninety Six having a Loyalist stronghold, the British reinforced it in 1780. Continental Army Major Nathanael Greene tried in vain to take control of the village in 1781. His battle against the Loyalists lasted for 28 days, the longest of the war.

     Leaving the village a ruined mess, settlers left the village but came back a few years later to reestablish the land. A new town was built and took the name of Cambridge in 1787. It soon declined after the loss of the courthouse in 1800 and was never quite the same after that.  Over it's years, it housed many military troops from the war, Native Americans from the Cherokee tribe as well as slaves and free Americans.

      This historical site features a living history of the Revolutionary War days. It has a visitor's center where people can find out more history on what it was like to live in the 1700s to the early 1800s, how the settlers celebrated holidays as well as tours of the old jail, forts and housing from that era.

     Covering over 1,000 acres in the heart of Greenwood, South Carolina, Ninety Six National Historic Site is a must see site for all the family. You and your family and friends are sure to enjoy reliving the history of the Revolutionary War with reenactments of cannon fire along with tours of the old forts and cabins used during old times.

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