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The Museum and Railroad Historical Center (they are two separate museums) are dedicated to preserving and promoting Greenwood's history. The Museum is located in this building and the Railroad Historical Center is located several blocks to the south. Exhibits in The Museum include a recreation of main street, a dress shop (where children can dress up in old-style clothing), an interactive science exhibit, and a recreated cave. Military history, animal migration and geology are also covered. Many educational programs for children are also offered throughout the year. The Railroad Historical Center features restored rolling stock including a steam locomotive, caboose, and an electric interurban car.

  • The Museum was founded in 1967 and opened in 1970.
  • The Museum features exhibits including this one, the Main Street exhibit
  • The restored 1906 Baldwin Steam Locomotive

A volunteer group led by James West Durst established The Museum in 1967. Three years later, it opened in one room of the old armory building. Eventually, it occupied the rest of the building. By the early 1980s it was clear that a bigger space was needed and as a result, it moved to its current location in 1982. The Museum was renovated for ten months beginning in 2007. The Railroad Historical Center was opened in 1970 by L.B. Adams and Charles H. Herndon. The Adams family operated it until 2005 and donated the collection to The Museum. The collection includes a Standard Gauge 1906 Baldwin Steam Locomotive, 1937 Pullman Standard "American Flyer" Car, and a P&N Steel Caboose X-23.

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