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Located on the historic meeting grounds of the 1812 South Carolina Militia and the historic Central School, the Cherokee County History and Art Museum honors the history and influence of Cherokee County, South Carolina and is home to the Cherokee Historical and Preservation Society. Highlights of the museum include exhibits related to the Trail of Tears. Murphy was once the site of Fort Butler, where Cherokee were detained before making the forced journey west. The museum opened in 2008 and features 8,000 square feet of permanent exhibits “ranging in topic from Native Americans and the American Revolution to Geology and Moonshiners; “the museum “has hosted special exhibits such as the Corridor of Shame, Artful Bra Project, and a presentation of pieces by internationally-known artist Johnnie Lee Gray” (“Home”). The museum’s interactive exhibits feature videos about selected artifacts and stories to give visitors a more hands-on experience.

  • The museum is located in the former Carnegie Library in downtown Murphy.

Current and future renovations will give the museum 12,000 more square feet of exhibits space, meeting rooms, and educational resources.

The Cherokee Historical and Preservation Society was formed in 1969 by a group of local citizens with a passion for their county’s history and for preserving it.  The society now has 200 members and owns other historical buildings and property throughout the count, including Possum Trot School, Vinson-Blanton Burying Ground, and Fort Thicketty.

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