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The Excelsior school was founded as the first black public high school in St. Augustine in 1901. The historic building is now the Excelsior Museum and Cultural Center in 2005. It is dedicated to the heritage of the Lincolnville community and the history of African-Americans. It features information on black churches, historical and social societies, and business entrepreneurs. Photographs and memorabilia are also on display. Interesting items are displayed as well, including an old piano once played by Ray Charles.

  • Excelsior Museum and Cultural Center
  • Excelsior Museum and Cultural Center Exhibit
The current building was constructed in 1925 but it other black schools were located on this location. The one before the present one was called "School #2" or simply the "Colored School", as it was the community's only school for African Americans. By 1921 it was clear that the school needed to be replaced and after several years of petitioning the school was finally built in 1928. It was designed by architect Fred Henderich in the Mediterranean
Revival style. It received its "Excelsior" name in 1928 and operated as a school until 1968, after which point local government offices were located there. It opened as as a cultural center and museum in 2005.  
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