Wilson School is a historic school building located at Mannington in Marion County, West Virginia, United States. It was built in 1912, and is a two-story, rectangular brick building with a raised basement. The symmetrical building has a flat roof and crenellated parapet with Collegiate Gothic detailing. The school closed in 1979, and is now occupied by the West Augusta Historical Society Museum. Other museum-related attractions on the property are the Price Log House (c. 1850) and a B&O Railroad Caboose (1912). In 1980 the Historical Society purchased and closed the building for renovation until 1982. Today it currently houses an astounding number of antique artifacts from the community and shelves of local historical publications. If you want to see ancient Native American artifacts, Colonial, Confederate, Gas, Coal relics, antique furniture, dolls, watches and assorted other memorabilia—this is the place. The building houses the "Father of West Virginia" Governor Francis Pierpont's bedstead here.

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