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Right next to Disneyland park stands Disney’s California Adventure Park, a Park with thrilling experiences and adventure. The park is themed after the history and culture of the state of California, and features a boardwalk called “Paradise Pier” which captures the history and culture of California in the 50s. The original concept for this venue was called “WestCOT”, an ode to the famous EPCOT which is housed in Florida. This destination was made to inspire future dreamers and generations who visit, as well as create an environment of historical significance to the dream of one famous American man, and the legacy he left behind.

  • This image shows one of the most famous statues standing in Disney's California Adventure Park, of Mickey Mouse with Walt Disney. This image was found from
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  • This photo shows one of America's most iconic characters, Mickey Mouse exploring Disney's California Adventure Park, image from
  • This photo shows the Paradise Pier roller coaster, which is located in "The Boardwalk" section of Disney's California Adventure Park, image from
  • This photo showcases the Mickey Ferris Wheel located within "The Boardwalk" of Disney's California Adventure Park, picture found from
  • This photo shows the time capsule buried beneath Disney's California Adventure Park.
  • Here is a picture of the park map, which shows each specific attraction, landmark, and also includes important places you may need to visit when visiting the park.
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When Walt Disney finished the construction of Disneyland in 1955, and the park opened for the first time, he vowed that, "Disneyland will never be completed... As long as there is imagination left in the world"("Disneyland Resort"). This idea proved to be true when imagineers began construction on Disney's California Adventure Park, which was opened in 2001 for the enjoyment of all who visited ("Disneyland Resort"). 
Disney's California Adventure Park is a unique place where people from all around the world can visit. Along with unique lands showcasing some of the most memorable Disney movies and attractions relating to those movies and times, Disney's California Adventure Park captures some of the unique qualities that make the State of California so unique ("Disney California Adventure..."). Among the other lands and attractions stands Paradise Pier and the Boardwalk, which captures the spirit of California in the 1950s ("Disney California Adventure..."). The streets of Disney's California Adventure Park also roar with the excitement and thrill of Hollywood's most early years and beyond ("Disney California Adventure"). 
This park uniquely captures the spirit of California, as well as the excitement families can experience when exploring the park. Not only does this park have historical significance as a sort of "Californian Time Capsule", where stories from the past come to life everyday, this location is an important place which contributes to the tourism economy of California, as well as the thriving city of Anaheim ("Disney's California Adventure"). A time capsule was also buried in the park in 2012 (Glover).  This time capsule is scheduled to be opened in 2037, and seeks to encourage future dreamers and generations to come (Glover). 
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Because this source is the actual website for which you can book your day at Disney’s California Adventure Park, as well as find a great other deal of information pertaining to the park and the contact information for the park in general, this seemed like an important source to include for this location. This website also features maps of the park, as well as hours for the park if someone were to look in advance.
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This source seemed important to include as well because it is an article written to discuss some of the history behind the park itself, which was a little bit difficult to find anywhere else since the park is so relatively new. There is a lot of great information on this site such as where some of the inspiration for creating such a park and each of the different vintage lands within it came from, and it is a valuable source for this location.
Disney California Adventure Map (n.d.): Web. 4 Nov. 2016. <>.
This website takes you to a PDF version of a park map for Disney’s California Adventure Park. This map shows some of the important places within California Adventure Park, while also describing some other important things you may need when visiting there such as a bathroom, ATM, smoking section, or First Aid.
"Disney California Adventure® Park." Disney California Adventure® Park. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Nov. 2016. <>.
This source discusses some of the more exciting information regarding Disney’s California Adventure Park, including attractions, events, and other important information regarding the experience you will have within the park itself. This was also an important source to include, because it showcases some of the attractions and features that Walt Disney himself envisioned and planned, and was eventually carried out after his death when the park was built.
"Disneyland Resort - Fact Sheet for 2016." Disneyland News. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Nov. 2016. <>.
This was among the most important sources for this project, as it describes some of the important historical information about Disney’s California Adventure Park, and it also is from the Disney Parks Blog, so each “fact” comes straight from those who operate the park everyday.

Glover, Erin. "Time Capsule Buried at Disney California Adventure Park." Disney Parks Blog., 27 Feb. 2012. Web. 3 Oct. 2016. <

 In this article, an official article by an official Disney Parks author, the author discusses when the time capsule was buried in Disney’s California Adventure Park, and showcases a video discussing the time capsule, the purpose behind it, and giving a preview of some of the things that are found within it which will encourage generations of the future.