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The first Museum for the Breckinridge County Historical Society was located on Main Street in Hardinsburg. In 2002, the Taylor Family agreed to lease their home on Third Street to Breckinridge County Fiscal Court for $1.00 per year to serve as the Historical Society’s Museum. The Museum was located in the Taylor House until August 2011. In that same year the Max James family gave a very generous donation so that the Historical Society could purchase a permanent home for the Museum. The Museum is now located at 204 E. Third Street, a block from the Taylor House. The property came with a three car garage and a large lot that will be used for many functions and events promoting the history of Breckinridge County.

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Breckinridge County was established by an act of Kentucky General Assembly on December 9th, 1799 from a part of Hardin County. John Breckinridge, a Kentucky attorney general and legislator is the reason that Breckinridge County has it's name. He later served in the U.S. Senate and as U.S. Attorney General. Breckinridge County became the 39th county on January 1st, 1800. Some of Breckinridge County was used to form Meade County and Hancock County in 1829.

The Organizational Meeting of the Breckinridge County Historical Society was held on January 7, 1984.  Thirty-seven individuals were present and signed the “Register” for the establishment of the Society. The first Board of Trustees and officers of the Society were elected on August 25, 1984, at which time the By-Laws were also adopted. The first Trustees were: Perry T. Ryan, Flora Alexander, Brenda Monin, Charles McGary, and Cale Yates. Officers were: President, Perry T. Ryan; Vice President, Gary Pile; Secretary, Virginia Hinton; and Treasurer, Mary Cobb. 1