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The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum "boasts a collection of nearly 50 cars, over 600 members worldwide, 150 active volunteers, and over 30,000 visitors each year" ("About"). The museum offers exhibits and hourly tours aboard a historic trolley.

  • In addition to exhibits and rolling stock, guests can take a tour aboard one of the trolleys
  • Entrance and exterior of the museum.
  • Historic trolleys on display outside the museum.

 The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum offers scenic trolley rides, guided tours, extended tours, Behind the Scenes tours of the Trolley Display Building, exhibits, a video about the trolley era, a museum store, and a picnic area.  For the 4 mile scenic trolley ride in a restored streetcar, riders will board at Richfol, “an authentic waiting shelter preserved after serving the Washington interurban trolley line, origin of the original museum trackage” ("Your Visit").  

This stop was originally “located in Canonsburg across from Sarris Candy Company” ("Your Visit"). The Richfol stop later became a school bus stop before it made its home at the museum in 1982.   Along the ride, visitors will see the Trib-Total Media Trolley Display Building that illustrates the history of the streetcar trolley era from 1890-1950, shows what makes a streetcar, and highlights cars from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.  

Riders will end the trip at the Visitor Education Center where they will see “a pictorial exhibit of street railways and how they related to everyday life during the Trolley Era” and interactive displays for kids, including the Play Trolley 225 and the Chuggington Train Set ("Your Visit").

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