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Also referred to as the Empire Building, Florida National Bank Building and the Seville Tower (commonly called this latter name), the American National Bank Building would beat out the Theisen building to become Pensacola's tallest structure. Soon becoming Pensacola's most historic bank, this building was also home to the city's first telephone exchange, serving 31 phones. Today, the building house various offices.

  • 1937 photo of the building. Courtesy of University Archives and West Florida History Center, UWF Libraries, Pensacola, Cottrell/Pfeiffer Collection.
  • Marker in front building commemorating its use as the city's first telephone exchange
  • The building as it looks today
  • Undated photo
  • As seen in 1915.
From 1910 to 1974, the American National Bank Building was the city's tallest structure. The building cost about $250,000 to construct. 
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