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The murals in downtown Janesville are part of the “Heart of the City Outdoor Art Campaign” which started in 2009. There are three murals in the original campaign that represent a decade each in the founding of Janesville. One additional mural was added to represent women during these years. Each mural resembles what made the community grow economically. The murals are 22 feet by 29 feet and are printed on UV-coated vinyl and wrapped around aluminum frames.

  • The mural, as seen from the street.
  • The mural is poignant reminder of how the railroads shaped the future of Janesville and many other cities throughout Wisconsin.

The third mural, located at 18 North Jackson Street on the back side of the Janesville City Hall building, represents the growth of Janesville thanks to the railroads. Painted by Jim Richter of Janesville, the mural's focus is on the grit and determination of workers constructing the railroad and the importance of said railroad for commerce in the city. The visage of Abraham Lincoln graces the mural, and you can also see the Lincoln-Tallman House prominently displayed in the upper left corner.