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The Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum was created to teach locals and visitors about the county's natural and cultural history. Inside are comprised of four dioramas showcasing different habitats in Osceola County: swamplands, pine flatwoods, oak hammock, and lakefront. The cultural exhibits feature many items once used by the settlers in the area such as horse saddles. The center and museum are operated by the Osceola County Historical Society.

  • The Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum
  • The Lanier "Cracker House" at the Pioneer Village
The Osceola County Historical Society also operates an outdoor museum called the Pioneer Village. It is comprised of a permanent collection of authentic structures that once stood in different areas of Osceola County. These include the Partin Family Caretaker's House, a blacksmith's shop, the Lanier "Cracker House," which shows how early Florida farmers lived, and the "Tyson House," which shows how an 11-member family lived in a tiny one room house in the late 19th century. There is also a great nature trail that starts alongside the welcome center in Shingle Creek Regional Park, which runs from Kissimmee to Wekiva Springs Park in North Orlando. The springs are called the "Northernmost Headwaters of the Florida Everglades."
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