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Maynard Evans High School Has been serving the community since 1955.

  • Maynard Evans High School
"Go Trojans"
  • Maynard Evans High School
"Go Trojans"

      Maynard Evans High school was first thought of in the 1950’s then finally established in 1958. This school is located in the heart of West Orlando on 4949 silver star rd. The name Maynard Evans derived from a local pharmacist who had a pharmacy located in downtown Florida named “Evans Pharmacy”. When Maynard Evans High School first opened it served the grades 7, 8, and 9. A year later, officials decided to add the grades 10, 11, and 12 to their facility.  When Maynard Evans was originally built, the segregation among the whites and blacks were at an all-time high. Later in 1971 are when the school desegregated and everyone was taught equally.  In the year of 1960-70 Maynard Evans brought about an auditorium, gymnasium, media center, and also a stadium that they shared with another local high school named Edgewater High School that they ended up calling the “Double E Stadium”. In the 80’s up until mid 90’s the school became very popular and over populated. The school carried about 4,500 students. Seeing the number of students enrolling and only having limited of space in the school, they created a 9th grade center 3 miles west of the main campus to hold the freshman class and give the main campus more space so that the students could learn comfortably. Also around that time, newer schools were being built and that also helped the school depopulate. In 2010 the main campus was completely demolished and then got rebuilt and was done in 2012. During that time all students were at the 9th grade center.

            Maynard Evans High Schools Motto is “A Place of High Achievement”. Maynard has always been at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to their school grade. They always have been ranked a “D” or “F” school. In 2011 based on standardized test the school was announced a “C” school and then in the year of 2012-13 for the first time in history the school was announced a “B” school and has been working hard ever since to maintain it. This school has come a long way from being a segregated school to becoming a majority minority populated school. Maynard Evans High School is significant because it gives students a warm, loving, and safe environment where the students can come learn everything that they need to learn to help them pursue their later career goals. Also it provides students with shelter and care because some students attending the high school don’t have stable housing or finances, so when they come to school they get to leave their problems at the door and feel like everyone else for a change.

                Some of the world’s most amazing athletes and musicians had gotten their high school education at Maynard Evans. Darryl Dawkins who was a former NBA basketball player, he had his first NBA draftee out of high school. Also the R&B singer Brian McKnight who is a multi- platinum singer and song producer attended Evans High School. Overall Maynard Evans High School is a Terrific Educational institution helping mold the young adults of today to be successful adults of tomorrow.

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