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Heritage Farm Museum & Village
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The Artisan Center is home to the Heritage Farm Artisan Guild. Its mission is to preserve traditional Appalachian skills and crafts such as clothes-making, woodworking, and broom-making. Most of the first floor houses stations for the Guild’s various different artisans, where visitors may observe them at work or purchase some of their crafts. The south end of the building contains the Education Room, which is used for temporary exhibits, presentations, craft classes, and field trips. On the second floor is Heritage Hall, a private event space available for rent that can seat up to 200 people.

  • The Artisan Center provides a place for skilled artists to showcase their craftsmanship to the public.
  • The left and center entrances of the Artisan Center lead to the artisan workstations.
  • Tinsmithing in the Artisan Center.
  • Basket weaving on the front porch of the Artisan Center.
  • Broom making in the Artisan Center.
  • Weaving in the Artisan Center.
  • Printing in the Artisan Center.

Currently the Heritage Farm Artisan Guild includes a weaver, a printer, a basket maker, a tin smith, a potter, a woodworker, a broom maker, and a copper wire artist among its members.

One or two artisans are present at the Center every day, with more during festivals and other large events. Items may be purchased directly from the artisans, or they can be taken to the gift shop if the artisan is not there. Artisans occasionally also offer craft classes for the public; please see the Heritage Farms website or social media for more information.

A collection of antique quilts and various types of artwork are on display throughout the Center.