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This museum is on the location of two major Civil War battles: the Battle of First Manasses (First Bull Run), and the Battle of Second Manasses (Second Bull Run), both of which resulted in victories for the Confederate army. These two battles were historically significant in that First Bull Run earned General Andrew "Stonewall" Jackson his nickname, and Second Bull Run paved the way for the south's first invasion of the north. On site, you'll experience indoor exhibits, as well as walking and driving tours of the grounds.

A view overlooking the battlefield

A view overlooking the battlefield

View of the Henry Hill Visitor Center

View of the Henry Hill Visitor Center
At the beginning of the Civil War, the northern states assumed this conflict would be quick and decisive, until the two sides met at Manassas Virginia on July 1861 for the first Battle of Manassas. This battle ended with the defeat of Union troops by the Confederate army. The battle was expected to end so fast and decisively that spectators came out to watch; the northern army was defeated so badly that not only the spectators ran for safety, so did the U.S. troops.

The smaller battlefield is the site where General Thomas Jackson, a resident of what is now West Virginia, rallied his troops against a northern advance and earned the nickname "Stonewall Jackson," beginning his iconic run as one of the greatest Generals of the Civil War.

The second battle, which occurred on the larger field during August 1862, ended in another victory for the southern army. Second Bull Run set the stage for General Robert E. Lee to invade the north for the first time.

At National Battlefield Park Virginia, you'll see indoor exhibits, and visit the site of the first battlefield on a walking tour. Driving tours are available the larger, second battlefield. You'll also be able to see a monument to General Stonewall Jackson.
Bicycles, climbing on relics, metal detectors, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited, but leashed pets are permitted in the park and hiking trails.

Museum facilities also include the
Henry Hill Visitor Center, with a theater offering hourly showings of the film "Manassas: End of Innocence," the Brownsville Picnic Area, the Stuart's Hill Center, and a gift shop.
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