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The George W. Bush Presidential Center is home to the Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Bush Institute. In addition to holding the archives of the Bush Presidency, the museum offers a variety of exhibits about the life of George W. Bush and the decisions and events that took place during the his Presidency. Six universities and the city of Arlington each submitted bids to host the Bush Presidential Library. The Bush Foundation selected Southern Methodist University and the library was dedicated on April 25, 2013.

  • The front of the George W. Bush Museum
The museum features a number of important archives and artifacts, as well as a full-scale replica of the Oval Office as it looked during Bush's Presidency. Unique from similar exhibits at other Presidential libraries, visitors to the Bush Library are invited to sit behind the replica of the Resolute. Other highlights include exhibits related to the Bush family and exhibits related to the September 11th tragedy and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

One of the popular exhibits, visitors can participate in an interactive "decision points" theater simulation where they are able to make real-time crisis decisions similar to the decisions faced by President Bush. The museum features details of the events that took place all during President Bush's two terms in office. 
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