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One of the newest attractions in downtown Dallas, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science opened in 2012. The museum offers programs and exhibits for children and adults, and includes popular features such as a 3-D movie gallery. The building itself is a modern marvel, built with the latest technology of environmental sustainability. Guests can tour the roof, which features an acre landscaped terraces that feature native Texas drought-resistant grasses. Programming includes tactile exploration areas, discovery stations, teacher development center, after-school and summer classes, clubs, interactive media and more. Online activities, interaction in class settings and further benefits extend the reach of the Perot Museum. The museum provides the resources to improve the proficiency and the passion of our upcoming generations to a competitive edge in the world.

The facility promotes environmental consciousness, utilizing a rainwater collection system, LED lighting, and solar-powered water heating throughout.

The facility promotes environmental consciousness, utilizing a rainwater collection system, LED lighting, and solar-powered water heating throughout.

A 35-foot Malawisaurus greets you in the Main Lobby, and you are on your way into a world of adventure. Built to stimulate curiosity, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science it a revolution in a museum experience. Five floors present 11 permanent exhibit halls containing artifacts from history as well as state of the art video and 3D computer animation, alongside life-like simulations and engaging educational games and activities. Both within and without, the facility is a living science lesson, featuring engineering, technology and conservation. The museum presents to the visitors a world of ideas and concepts in math and science. Offering hands-on ways to learn about scientific evidence, mathematical concepts and natural history, the Perot Museum can have a profound effect on visitors and guests alike. Future scientists and engineers will find inspiration and education through its many interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and vivid contextual displays.

The lower level houses a modular, traveling exhibit hall, the education wing with six learning labs, a flexible space auditorium and a children's museum focused on outdoor play space and a relaxing courtyard.

Educational support and entertainment programs for kids of all ages are available from the Perot Museum. From Early Childhood programs like ‘Budding’ Scientists’ or ‘Super Scientists’, to programs for older school-aged and teen programs like Scouting Badges and Discovery Camp,  the Perot Museum seeks to help parents and educators unlock and expand the passion for the sciences and engineering among the members of the next generation. Family and adult programs also afford those a little older to appreciate and expand their horizons as well.

Permanent fixtures include the Moody Family Children's Museum, the Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall, a 'Being Human' Hall, the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall, Discovering Life Hall, the Tom Hunt Energy Hall, Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall, and more. The plinth level accommodates roof access, a cafe, 3-D theater, and gift shop. 

The Perot Museum offers its facilities for special events, with a 297-seat theater and eleven permanent exhibition halls, and one of the most sophisticated digital projection and sound systems available. Other benefits include a tablet check-out system, public WiFI, and other benefits to delight and entertain.

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