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The Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles, located on a grass airship and adjoining properties in Prince William County, offers visitors an experience that teaches them about the military vehicles. Its hands-on exhibits and annual open house events are entertaining for all ages. The VMMV works closely with veterans to educate the public on the experiences of American servicemen and women. Also planned is an accompanying Americans in Wartime Museum, which will detail American military history from WWI until the present day via indoor and outdoor exhibits and activities.

  • Demonstration of vehicles
  • Exhibit of military vehicle inside
Founded in 1989 by Allan Cors, the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles offers visitors a fascinating display of wartime artifacts. The military vehicles stored and maintained at this "tank farm" are the primary focus of the collection, but the museum also houses other historical artifacts, such as weaponry and clothing.1  Additionally, the VMMV holds annual open house events during which live demonstrations are held.

Multiple times a year, veterans are invited to give their accounts of their war experiences, and these lectures are accompanied by demonstrations of military vehicles and other artifacts. Veterans Day programs also offer a full day of activities where the vehicles are displayed and demonstrated. Militaria from this collection, which continues to expand, makes appearances at air shows, parades, and veteran reunions.2

Plans are underway for a permanent home for the military vehicles and artifacts. The Americans in Wartime Museum, chaired by Allan Cors, will be located in Prince William County on land donated by the Hylton Family.3 Dedicated to telling the stories of American servicemen and women in all branches of military, from WWI to the present, the museum will include both indoor and outdoor exhibits and activities.4

The Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles is unique in that its focus is on the vehicles of war. Working closely with veterans and volunteers, it strives to familiarize the public with the lived experiences of military personnel.4 The museum offers programs geared toward history buffs of all ages. For those with an interest in military history, the VMMV provides an enriching educational opportunity for younger and older generations alike. See the official website for event dates and registration information.
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