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The American Swedish Institute is a museum and cultural center in the Phillips West neighborhood of Minneapolis. The Institute is located in the former home of Sweedish immigrant and publishing magnate Swan Turnblad. In the late 19th century, Turnblad owned and operated the largest Sweedish-language newspaper in the nation, Svenska Amerikanska Posten. The newspaper reached 40,000 subscribers of Swedish origin at its peak.The Institute preserves and interprets artifacts related to Turnblad's life, as well as the larger narrative of Swedish American life and history.

  • The Institute is located in the historic mansion of Swan and Christina Turnblad.
  • A History of the Swedish-Americans of Minnesota-click the link below to learn more about this book.
In December 1929 the Turnblad family donated their mansion at Park Avenue, Svenska Amerikanska Posten and the Posten office building and residence downtown, to the American Institute for Swedish Art, Literature and Science- what eventually came to be the American Swedish Institute.