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Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site
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Offering a lovely view of the landscaped courtyard, the glass-enclosed sunporch dates to the 1930s renovation. When Llewellyn Bixby Sr. and his wife Avis lived here, the room was casually furnished with rattan furniture, rugs, and the Native basketry they collected; the grandchildren fondly recount that there wooden toys too. Functionally, this space connected the 1930s library to the main house (in the south wing) and provided access to the kitchen and butler's pantry (in the north wing). During the nineteenth century, the main entrance to the house was through the central doorway (directly from the courtyard) and the French doors on each side of the central doorway were windows. The exposed roof beams that you can still see on the north and south wings and the wrought-iron bars covering the exterior windows on the west wing also date to the building's pre-renovation days.

  • The Sunporch (1930s)
  • The Sunporch (today)