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Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site
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Offering a lovely view of the courtyard during any kind of weather, the enclosed sunporch dates to the 1930s renovation. When Llewellyn Bixby Sr. and his wife Avis lived here, the room was furnished casually with rattan furniture, rugs, baskets, and wooden toys for the grandchildren. It connected the library to the main house in the south wing and allowed access to the butler’s pantry in the north wing, while providing casual gathering space for the family in all weather.

  • The Sunporch (1930s)
  • The Sunporch (today)

In the nineteenth century, access to the main house was through the central door. The French doors were once windows. If you look closely, you can also see the exposed roof beams of the work wing extend up to the adobe wall of the main house. In the twentieth century, the front door was shifted to the opposite side of the structure, and the entire courtyard became interior space.