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 Exact date of construction remains unknown, though it was built no later than 1852. Most family sources place 1852 as the year of construction, though other sources mention earlier years. It was possibly the second (or later) structure occupied by the McMullens, who had certainly established some sort of shelter shortly after the time of their arrival on the peninsula.  Captain Jim’s family—along with some slaves from the area—cleared the land and constructed the house.  This double-pen log house has pine logs originally joined by pegs rather than nails.  Large open porches, a broad stairway, and excellent ventilation (including openings between some of the pine logs) made it easy for James P. McMullen to overcome bouts with consumption (tuberculosis). He wanted cracks “large enough to throw a cat through” to get sufficient fresh air.  The upper story had its own breezeway. Much of the original furniture was made from nearby materials (including the Spanish moss mattresses).

  • James P. McMullen, undated.
  • Elizabeth Campbell McMullen, circa 1870.
  • James P. McMullen and workers in citrus groves, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1895.
  • James P. McMullen Family Reunion, Bayview Hotel, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1895.
  • Jessie Candler Coachman and Columbus Moore at the first Kumquat Shop, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1940.
  • Tombstone of James P. McMullen, McMullen Cemetery, Clearwater, Florida, undated
  • S.S. Coachman, circa 1912.
  • S.S. Coachman’s General Store, Clearwater, Florida, 1902.
  • S.S. Coachman and Son Fancy Groceries horse drawn wagon, Clearwater, Florida, 1908.
  • First Coachman citrus packing house, Clearwater, Florida, pre-1950.
  • McMullen-Coachman Log Cabin, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1920.
  • McMullen-Coachman Log Cabin, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1966.
  • View of the porch of the McMullen-Coachman Log Cabin, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1966.
  • McMullen Coachman Log Cabin after damage from arson, Clearwater, Florida, 1976.
  • Coachman Station, former location of the McMullen-Coachman Log Cabin, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1940.