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Heritage Village
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 The home, a board and batten structure, largely the work of Wesley Lowe, contained pine and cypress. The two-story building certainly stood out along “The Narrows” and in the Anona area after its construction in 1888.

  • Sgt. John T. Lowe, circa 1863.
  • Mary Louise Lowe and her children, Corinna, Laura, and Sumner stand in front of the Lowe House, Anona, Florida, circa 1906.
  • Sumner, Corinna, and Laura Lowe, circa 1905.
  • Lowe House on original site, Anona, Florida, circa 1930.
  • Wesley and Mary Louise Pinder Lowe, Anona, Florida, circa 1930.
  • Corrina Lowe Condrick, circa 1950.
  • Jefferson T. Lowe on a bicycle, circa 1950.
  • Paul Fitz Randolph, family, and horses at Randolph Farms, Largo, Florida, circa 1951.
  • Randolph Farms brochure, Largo, Florida, circa 1955
  • Lowe House at the former Haas Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida, circa 1982.