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Since the first European settlement of the area in the 1820s, this area has attracted visitors due to its natural springs. Spanish settlers established the town of Viduta here in the 1820s, a name drawn from "vida," the Spanish word for life. From 1887 to the 1980s, the area was home to a small resort and spa. Today, the area is operated by the state of Alabama for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

  • Monte Sano State Park
  • Monte Sano State Park Map of Trails

Monte Sano, which means Mountain of Health in Spanish, offers plenty of fresh air and outdoor adventures. The state park offers a lodge, cabins and campground for use by its many visitors. Other amenities include a playground, hiking and biking trails, pavilions and a disc golf course. There is a Civilian Conservation Corps museum on site that includes an outdoor classroom for speaking events and lessons.

Monte Sano State Park is also home to the Von Braun Astronomical Society (VBAS), a non-profit volunteer organization of astronomers. The VBAS has a planetarium and observatory in the park. Visitors are welcome to attend the programming and look through one of the telescopes.


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