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Arrowhead Stadium was completed in 1972 and recently completed a series of renovations that has increased its capacity to hold 74,416 people. The stadium was built to accommodate the Kansas City Chiefs a decade after the franchise's relocation from Texas to Missouri. The original cost to construct the stadium was approximately $43 million dollars. Built in what is known as the Truman Sports Complex, Arrowhead Stadium also shares the same parking lots as Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. In 2014, the stadium broke the Guinness record for the loudest stadium in sports. In addition to an enthusiastic home crowd, Arrowhead Stadium has the reputation of offering the best tailgating experience in professional sports, with a large percentage of fans arriving three or four hours prior to kickoff to prepare and enjoy Kansas City's famous style of barbecue.

  • Arrowhead Stadium was completed in 1972 and holds the world record for the loudest stadium in professional sports.
  • An aerial view of the stadium

In 1963 the Dallas Texans football franchise moved to Kansas City, Missouri and was renamed the Kansas City Chiefs, by owner Lamar Hunt. For years the Chiefs shared a stadium with two Major League Baseball teams, the Athletics’ and Royals. With the Kansas City Athletics’ moving to Oakland California, city leaders planned to build a single stadium that could accommodate both the Royals and Chiefs. After the original plan failed, the city decided to build each team their own stadium beside each other, creating the Truman Sports Complex.  

Construction on Arrowhead Stadium began in 1968 and was finished in 1972 with a maximum capacity of 79,00 fans. The original stadium was built with the AstroTurf playing surface, but after renovations, the AstroTurf was replaced with grass in 1994. Throughout the forty plus years of existence, Arrowhead Stadium has undergone man renovations to update and upgrade the facility. In 2010 a renovation was completed that ultimately lowered the maximum capacity to 74,416 people.

Arrowhead Stadium is known for being the loudest outdoor sporting stadium in the world. In September 2014 the loud and crazy Chiefs fans set a Guinness World Record for 142.2 decibels during a game against the New England Patriots. Phillip Robertson, with the Guinness World Records, was at the game the night the Chiefs broke the record; he went on to stat “142.2 decibels is astonishing; I’m still in shock about it. I felt the pressure waves at a level that was quite intimidating.” These fans love their team, and love being known as the loudest stadium.

If your ever able attend a game at Arrowhead Stadium and watch the Chiefs play, there are a few things you can expect to see and smell. Kansas City is known for its barbeque and tailgating on game day out in front of Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best experiences. You can smell the barbeque cooking from miles away. Pulling into the stadium the smoke is rolling from the BBQ pits surrounded by a sea of red. Once inside this stadium these fans pack in tight. The stadium has a few traditions.  One example is during the singing of National Anthem and the last season when they sing and the home of the brave, the fans take over and yell “home of the CHIFES!!” Before the beginning of the games the tradition that gets the fans pumped up is the beating of the drum and the tomahawk chop! Arrowhead stadium holds the loudest fans and is one of the best experiences one could have on game day. 

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