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One of the leading attractions in Conyers' Olde Town, this historic depot was in operation between 1891 and 1972, the final year of passenger rail service between Atlanta and Augusta. The building now houses the Conyers Welcome Center and offers a view of a historic steam engine that was built in 1905 to haul cotton between mills and the main line. The engine is one of only three of its kind and is affectionately known as “The Dinky.” This engine also serviced a local route, shuttling travelers from Conyers to Milstead until that service was discontinued in 1961.

  • Conyers Historic Train Depot - Welcome Center
  • The depot has been preserved thank to the efforts of the Rockdale County Historical Society.

Although the Civil War occurred before the construction of the present depot, visitors are often interested to find that the Union army under the command of General William T. Sherman marched past this location as they blazed a path of destruction in 1864. Maintained and operated by the , the 1891 historic depot, is used today for meetings, weddings and receptions.

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