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The Belskie Museum of Art & Science celebrates the life and work of painter and sculptor Abram Belskie (1907-1988), who lived in Closter for fifty-seven years beginning in 1931. The museum opened in 1993 and offers ten changing exhibitions each year, some of which are student exhibitions. Many of Belskie's works are presented in the Museum of Natural History in New York City, the Field Museum in Chicago, and several other locations. Belskie sculpted many things including bas-reliefs, medical models, and medallions. He was also to first forensic artist.

  • Belskie Museum of Art & Science
Belskie was born in England and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He began his career working in Glasgow and then moved to New York in 1929 and eventually made his way to Closter. An artist friend introduced him to a doctor who wanted Belskie to sculpt accurate human anatomy models. Belskie then continued to sculpt in the medical field for much of his career.