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Arthurdale Heritage Center
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The Administration building was constructed in 1934 to house the New Deal federal agencies which operated the newly formed Arthurdale experimental community. The first agency that occupied this structure was the Subsistence Homestead Division which was created in August of 1933 and functioned in Arthurdale until its end in 1935. At this point, the newly formed Resettlement Administration stepped in until 1937, just after the last houses were constructed in Arthurdale. The last government agency in the Administration building was the Farm Security Administration.

  • The Administration building in the early 1940s
  • "Jo" outside of Admin in 1944
  • "Admin" Today
  • Mildred Robey at work in Admin in the late 1930s
  • The construction of the Administration Building in 1934
  • Builders setting the foundation of Admin - note Arthur Mansion behind it
  • Administration Building (right) where Route 92 and A Road intersect
  • Admin interior today
  • Admin During Restoration in the late 1980s