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Northlandz is home to the world's largest model railroad. The 52,000 square foot building features 100 trains that travel along 8 miles of track. Visitors move through the building one a nearly one mile-long walkway, viewing trains that travel in different landscapes, including mountains, the largest of which stands 30 feet high, cities and villages. People from all over the world have visited Northlandz and it has been featured widely in the media. The property also features a doll museum, a 2,000 pipe theater organ, and an art gallery.

  • Northlandz
  • Bruce in the control room
  • View of the model trains
  • Another shot inside the building
It all started in 1972 when founder Bruce William Zaccagrino began building models train sets in the basement of his house that was under construction. From there, the model grew so large that he was asked to have an annual model train show. That was very popular so eventually Bruce and his wife made plans to build the current building