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The National bank of Thurmond served a town that grew quickly in the early 1900s as the region became a leading exporter of coal. Today, the town has only five residents and its remaining buildings have been preserved as a historic district operated by the National Park Service. The bank oversaw $4.8 million at its peak in the late 1920s, but was forced to close in 1931. The building was home to retail stores and apartments until 1959. With the exception of the period between 1975 and 1988, when it was home to a hotel and restaurant called the Bankers Club, the building has been empty.

  • This historic building was home to the National Bank of Thurmond until 1931.
  • National Bank of Thurmond. Early 1900s.
It was in 1873 that the late Captain W.D. Thurmond acquired 73 acres along the Chesapeake and Ohio railway for twenty dollars. this land was used to strategically place the town of Thurmond. As the coal and timber industries took off so did the town. At the towns peak it had two banks, with one being the National Bank of Thurmond. 

A town on land bought for twenty dollars would one day serve the area as the largest town depot. A town bringing in more freight than Richmond and Cincinnati combined. This of course made the town boom. With the two hotels, restaurants, clothing, and jewelry store. The town opened The National Bank of Thurmond. With the boom of the town begins so fast the bank had its job cut out.

The town of Thurmond would bring in over $4.8 million of freight revenue for the railroad collecting 20%. This was ten fold that of Richmond and twice as much as Cincinnati. Not only did the bank serve the railroad but it offered safety deposits boxes, saving accounts and was also the U.S. state county and Ford Motor Co. Depository.
The bank served local businesses and the residents until 1931 The bank closed after fires devastated the town. After many businesses closed due to the fires the bank was forced to close as well. Not only did The National Bank of Thurmond closed, so did its sister bank. The National Bank of Thurmond still stands to this day just feet from main street, well feet from the main tracks.