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Established in 1969 and opened in 1971, the Pioneer Museum of Alabama preserves the history of pioneer life and farming in rural Alabama. It was founded by local resident and teacher at Troy University, Curren Farmer, who, one day while driving along a country road, saw old farm equipment lying in a field and thought that it should be saved. After that, Curren began to collect tractors, plows and other farm equipment. The first structure in the museum was moved to the site in 1972. The collection of farm implements and old structures continued over the coming years. Curren's wife, Margaret, helped run the business from behind the scenes. In all, there are 22 structures on the museum's forty acres. The museum offers various programs where visitors can learn how to churn butter, spin cotton, and other daily activities from the pioneer days. There are also trails on the grounds.

  • One of the buildings at the museum
  • Adam's General Store
  • A covered bridge