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The Warther Carving Museum allows visitors to take a glimpse into the lives of the Warther family who combined their love of family and passion of hobbies in order to establish an extraordinary legacy. The museum is dedicated to Ernest “Mooney” Warther who is considered to be the world’s master carver. Visitors can learn about the life of "Mooney", his family business and his carving hobby.

  • Ernest "Mooney" Warther began carving as a hobby.  He became known as the world's master carver for his amazing creations.

Dedicated to Ernest “Mooney” Warther, the world’s master carver, the Warther Museum’s goal is to educate visitors on this unknown American genius, and give a glimpse into the life and philosophies of Warther.  The museum offers guided tours telling Warther’s life story and how he created his carvings.  The home of Ernest “Mooney” Warther is open for visitors to see.  It has been restored to its 1920s condition allowing visitors to see what the home would have looked like during that era.  Visitors can also look through the gardens or stop by the Button House where Warther’s wife, Freida, collected and displayed more than 73,000 buttons.

Making a living from handcrafted kitchen cutlery, carving was just one of Warther’s hobbies.  He started his family’s knife company in 1902 and it still remains the family’s primary source of income.  When visitors tour the museum, the last stop is at the knife factory.  Here you can learn about how the Warther family makes their knives and how there company is different from others. 

When visiting, you can expect the tour guides to present you with a knowledgeable and friendly experience and they take you through the museum and tell you Warther’s story.  The tour last almost one hour and tours are continuous throughout the day.  Reservations for tours can be made for groups of 10 or more persons. 

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